Growing our Facebook community

September 25, 2015

We hit 10,000 likes of our Facebook/myOTPP page!

Thanks to those who are active members of this community.

Here are some fun facts about the more than 10,000 fans of our page:

  • 50% of you are 55 years old and older and ¾ are women.
  • Tuesday, at 9pm is when you typically visit our page.
  • You love to offer advice. From sharing classroom tips for a rookie teacher, or offering advice for members budgeting for retirement, it's these posts that you respond to most. We'll keep asking you to share your experience.
  • You also love to watch videos, with each one reaching more than 2,000 people.

Let's keep the conversation going. Share our posts, keep commenting, and let your colleagues know about our page. We love hearing from you.