Breaking down the 2015 inflation adjustment

October 17, 2014

Your pension includes annual cost-of-living increases to help you maintain buying power throughout retirement. The 2015 inflation adjustment, which will take effect in January, is 1.7%, almost double the 2014 adjustment of 0.9%.

"Inflation increases are a valuable benefit to our members' pensions," said Mary Cover, director of actuarial services and tax, Member Services. "Not only do they help protect members' purchasing power during their retirement years, but they act as a lever to keep the pension plan in balance."

In a series of videos, Mary breaks down everything you need to know about how we determined the 2015 inflation adjustment and how it affects you.

To see the impact the 2015 adjustment will have on your annual Teachers' pension, sign in toiAccess Web, our secure member website. Visit the Inflation page and launch the "Inflation Protection" presentation.