Pension calculator tips for occasional teachers

June 20, 2013

Teaching on an occasional basis carries a lot of uncertainty – where will your next contract be? How long will it be for? When will you land it? But, that doesn't mean that your retirement has to be uncertain.

If you have yet to land a permanent contract, but are working LTO (long-term occasional) contracts, you can use the pension calculator in iAccess Web to get a sense of your financial future.

Here's how in five easy steps:

  1. Log in to iAccess Web, click the "My Retirement" tab, and launch the Pension Calculator.
  2. On the Pension Calculator, click "+ New" to create a new scenario.
  3. Click "+ Employment," add your contract's start date and select "Occasional earnings" under rate of pay.
  4. Tell us how many dollars you will earn per day, and how many days you expect to work in the school year. We'll use these numbers to calculate an annual rate pay for you.
  5. If you have multiple contracts, or if your per diem is increasing, click "+ Employment" at the top of the service column and repeat the steps until all of your contracts are accounted for. Once you input all of your information. Click "Submit" to see your pension estimate.