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Although your pension is probably the last thing on your mind when you're starting out as a teacher, you should pay attention to it throughout your career. Why? Because it could be your most valuable financial asset when you're ready to retire.

Ontario Teachers' will pay you a lifetime pension when you qualify to retire. We'll also provide benefits when you die, if you become disabled or permanently leave teaching before retirement age.

In this section

Welcome to Ontario Teachers'

Watch what teachers have to say about their pension, and learn what your rights and obligations are as a plan member.

Getting Started

Five things to do as a new member of the plan.

Contributing to Your Pension

See how much of your salary goes toward your pension, and find answers to some common questions.

How We Calculate Your Pension

Find out how the length of your career affects the amount you’ll receive, and when you're eligible to receive it.

Transferring Your Past Service

Coming from another pension plan? You may be able to transfer your service.

Working Less than Full Time

Four key facts you need to know about occasional teaching and your pension.

Life Changes

Explore your pension options if you unexpectedly become disabled or ill while teaching.