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One or Two Years Before Retirement

Collect required documents

To process your pension application, we require documents to confirm such things as your age and marital status. It sometimes takes weeks to locate or replace missing documents, especially if issued by another country. It's important to get a head start, so you may wish to begin collecting these documents now.

When you're ready, go to the Document Centre to upload your documents.

Review your service and salary

If you taught elsewhere in Canada, you may be eligible to move your pension credit into the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan. This could allow you to retire earlier with a larger pension. Transfers of credit must be completed before you retire so make sure to investigate your options early.

If you took an eligible leave of absence, buying back credit could increase the size of your pension and allow you to retire earlier. Although you can complete a buyback up to the month before your pension starts, it's a good idea to begin the process early to prevent unnecessary delays in the processing of your pension application.

To check for completeness and opportunities to buy back or transfer service, review your service record.

Review re-employment rules

There are limits on the number of days you can work after retirement without affecting your pension.