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Estimate CPP and OAS pensions

Most teachers qualify for income from government sources.

The Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan is integrated with the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). We provide a bridge benefit over and above your lifetime pension amount until you reach age 65, when you're eligible for an unreduced CPP pension. The month after you turn 65, or earlier if you start a CPP disability pension, the bridge benefit ends. We'll adjust your pension at that time by an amount that's likely less than your unreduced CPP pension. You can begin to collect a reduced CPP pension any time between the ages of 60 and 65.

In addition, Old Age Security (OAS) may provide as much as $613 a month, starting at age 65, for those who are eligible. OAS is clawed back if total net income reaches about $77,580.

To calculate the value of your CPP and OAS benefits, use the Government of Canada's Canadian Retirement Income Calculator.