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Terminating a Child Survivor Pension

A dependent child survivor pension remains in pay for as long as there is at least one child who continues to be dependent. When the last eligible child ceases to be dependent, we must terminate the dependent child survivor pension.

A disabled child is considered dependent only for as long as he or she continues to be disabled. We must terminate the survivor pension for disabled, dependent children if they:

  • become gainfully employed; and/or 
  • recover from their disability to the point that it is no longer prolonged.

In both of these situations, the child would no longer meet the requirement of being "disabled without interruption since the member died."

Repayment of child survivor pension

When a child is no longer dependent, they must notify us to stop payment of their survivor pension. If they don't notify us and continue to receive survivor pension payments to which they are not entitled, they must repay these payments, with interest.

Please note that we may require a child, who is receiving a disabled dependent child survivor pension, to submit medical evidence confirming that he or she continues to meet the definition of "disabled."