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Application Deadline

To provide your new spouse with a survivor pension, you must apply anytime on or before the later of the following dates:

  • 90 days after your marriage OR the day you reach the three-year cohabitation requirement for common-law spouses, whichever is earlier; or
  • 90 days after the date your children cease to be eligible; or
  • 90 days after we receive a valid waiver*.

* Your former spouse must complete Post-retirement Waiver of Joint and Survivor Pension by the Former Spouse of a Retired Member on Spousal Relationship Breakdown (FSCO Form 8) and a waiver must be specified in your final settlement instrument. FSCO has been replaced by FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario). We’ll refer to these as FSCO forms until FSRA issues new forms.

If you miss the deadline, you may still be eligible provided you pass a medical examination confirming that you remain in good health for your age.

How to apply

To apply for a survivor pension for your new spouse, you'll need to complete the Direction for a Survivor Pension – for pensioners form.


Be sure to contact us to obtain a cost estimate for providing your spouse with a survivor pension before completing the application form.