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Your Dependent Children

Dependent children may be eligible for a survivor pension when:

  • you don't have a eligible spouse when you die, or
  • your surviving spouse dies while receiving a survivor pension.

A child's default pension is 50% of your pension; however, if you had an eligible spouse at retirement, your child's pension is the amount your spouse was entitled to receive.

More than one dependent child

If you have more than one dependent child, your benefit is divided equally and paid to each child for as long as he or she remains eligible for benefits. Once one of your children ceases to be eligible, his or her portion of the pension is distributed equally among the remaining eligible children. Disabled children who are financially dependent may receive a survivor pension for life, as long as they continue to be disabled and not capable of gainful employment.

For all children under age 18, the survivor pension is paid into the Accountant of Ontario Courts unless the child's guardian has been granted guardianship of the child's property by the courts. In these situations, the survivor pension is paid to the child's guardian.

Please contact us if you have a disabled child and would like to know whether he or she might be eligible for a survivor pension; we can do a pre-assessment of your child's eligibility to assist you with your estate planning.

The types of documents or information we may require to review entitlements for surviving dependent or disabled children can be found in the Survivor Pensions for Dependent Children fact sheet.