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Your pension could be your biggest financial asset. Take time to learn about your options if you leave teaching before you're eligible to start your pension.

If you leave teaching permanently in Ontario before you're eligible to start your pension, you'll need to decide what to do with the assets you've accumulated in your pension plan.

To assist with your decision, you may want to seek the advice of an independent financial adviser. An independent adviser can be a financial planner, an actuary or an accountant whom you trust to give impartial advice and who is qualified to do so. If there's a chance you will be returning to employment in education in Ontario, it's usually best to leave your money in the plan.

If you have already left teaching, contact us for your benefit options.

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Understanding Your Termination Options

It's important to understand all of your pension benefit options if you're ending your membership in the pension plan.

Taking Your Pension's Commuted Value

Your pension's commuted value is the lump sum you'd need today to replace your future pension, including the value of survivor benefits and inflation protection.

Collecting a Future Pension

Your pension is for life, adjusted annually for inflation and includes survivor benefits for your eligible spouse or dependent children.

Transferring Your Credit

If you're joining an employer that has an agreement with us, you may be able to transfer your credit and anticipate similar benefits upon retirement.

Leaving Due to Shortened Life Expectancy

If you face a shortened life expectancy, you may be able to access your pension funds right away.