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Life & Career Events

Through your lifetime we're here to help you navigate the benefits and rules of the pension plan.

The basics of plan membership

Just starting your career as a teacher? It’s important to understand how the plan works and know your responsibilities as a member.

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Taking time off

Sometimes you need to take a break from work, but that time away may affect your pension. We can show you how to keep your retirement on track.

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Planning for loved ones

Your eligible spouse or children may be entitled to survivor benefits. These benefits can help protect their financial security after your death—either before or after retirement.

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Ending a spousal relationship

The valuation and division of pension assets following the breakdown of a spousal relationship is governed by specific rules.

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Leaving teaching

If you stop working in education – whether due to illness or a career change, you have options for the benefits you’ve accumulated in the plan.

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Preparing for retirement

Deciding when to retire is an important financial decision. We’re here to guide you as you take this big step.

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Retirement life

There’s life after work. Your Teachers’ pension will be a big part of it.

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