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Responsible Investing Report

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Ron Mock

Investing responsibly is the only way to invest. Doing so should no longer be seen as a niche or optional for institutional investors. The link between effectively managing environmental, social and governance issues and long-term returns is becoming clearer every year.

       – Ron Mock, President and Chief Executive Officer 


We use four levers to make more informed investment decisions:


We integrate ESG considerations into our investment process to manage risk and add value.



We build relationships with the companies we invest in to improve our understanding of the company, influence change and nurture success.


We use our influence as a global investor to improve the investing landscape and clarify expectations of companies.


We adapt and improve our own processes as the world evolves and new risks and opportunities arise.



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Climate change will have an impact on everyone's future. You can read more about how Ontario Teachers' is actively managing the related risks and opportunities of climate change in our inaugural Climate Change Report, written in accordance with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures recommendations.