Proxy Votes

Proxy voting is an important way shareholders can exercise influence and control over their investments in public companies. Electing directors, appointing auditors and having a say on executive compensation are three of the ways we can use our vote to hold public companies accountable for their governance practices. We also vote on shareholder proposals, which are usually aimed at a specific outcome like creating a sustainability report, achieving pay equity or disclosing lobbying and political expenditures.

Our Corporate Governance Principles and Proxy Voting Guidelines (PDF) guide our decisions on each ballot item. Read a summary (PDF) of how our corporate governance principles and proxy voting guidelines have evolved for 2021.

We consider a number of different inputs when making a vote decision, including:

  • our Corporate Governance Principles and Proxy Voting Guidelines;
  • our thematic focus areas, such as climate change and diversity;
  • what we’ve learned from our engagement with the company and from our process for monitoring our investments;
  • trends identified through our analysis of previous voting and other relevant voting patterns;
  • relevant company filings and research materials;
  • what’s in the best interest of shareholders for achieving long-term success.

Our proxy voting database

For transparency, Ontario Teachers’ publishes voting decisions and rationale before each shareholder meeting. You can review our voting record in the link below.

This section of the site shows how we intend to vote our proxies in response to solicitations by either the management of the companies in which we own voting shares, or others. It is intended only to provide information to plan members, co-sponsors of the plan and others. We urge all investors to conduct their own evaluations of these issues and to arrive at the decisions that best meet their own investment objectives. By providing our decisions on this site, we do not intend to solicit the proxy of any other shareholders nor do we request any other shareholder to execute, not execute or revoke the proxies that have been solicited by management or anyone else.

Proxy Voting Database*

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