Active Management

Active Management Adds Value

Active management is central to our investment success and one of the defining features of the approach we launched more than 25 years ago.

To deliver value-added returns above the fund's benchmarks each year, we look for opportunities that we believe are undervalued, where, through active management, we can leverage our experience as well as our capital. We're known for rolling up our sleeves, and working with leadership at the companies we partner with – providing the support they need to build their businesses and create value.

Total Fund Management

We use several strategies to maximize returns within our risk limits and to outperform the markets in which we invest, and chief among these is our total-fund management approach. Simply stated, we look at the big picture – the total fund – and encourage information sharing and movement of capital among managers of our different asset groups and portfolios in order to optimize risk-adjusted returns.

Value-added decisions are also coordinated at the total-fund level, and portfolio managers are rewarded for maximizing value-added returns within the risk limit on total assets, not just on their own portfolios.