Transcript - We're There
Transcript - Brand Evolution

Our brand shapes how we communicate and who we aspire to be. We strive to be the world's leading pension plan. To reach that goal, and to adapt to the challenges of a continually evolving global marketplace, we've renewed our brand.

This was a strategic choice, driven by many factors – the most compelling was the need to stand out in an increasingly crowded global marketplace. Our success has inspired a lot of imitators, but there's only one Ontario Teachers'.

Our name captures our purpose: to secure the future for Ontario's teachers. Our brand reflects our approach. In a world rich with possibility, we work continuously to strengthen existing relationships, find new partners, build new relationships and establish ourselves in new markets.

Our logo is a modern, progressive approach to a trusted symbol. It connects us to our history, while presenting Ontario Teachers' in a way that is fresh and distinctive. The dynamic lines within the logo convey energy and innovation.

  • We're agile.
  • We're active.
  • We're global.
  • We are Ontario Teachers'...and pensions mean the world to us.


The story of our apple

Throughout history and across cultures, the apple has represented knowledge and prosperity.

In Ontario, apples – fresh in fall, dried and bottled for winter – were a staple of the pioneer diet. Students also gave apples to their teachers as a token of respect.

At Ontario Teachers', the apple represents the value we place on our members' service to children and society, and our responsibility to help teachers enjoy a secure retirement.