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Investing for the long term

When it comes to pensions, patience pays off. We take a long-term view to provide retirement security for our members and to help our portfolio companies grow for decades to come.

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We invest on behalf of 336,000 teachers

Teachers have and continue to play a crucial role in all of our lives. They’re counting on us to take care of their future and we’re committed to protecting it. Through our long-term and patient capital approach, we’re proud to be fully funded for nine years and delivering consistent and stable returns. 

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A multi-year strategy to deliver a long-term promise


in net assets by 2030

Net zero by


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Looking beyond the short term to deliver over a longer time horizon

Our investment program is tailored to generate strong risk-adjusted returns to pay members’ pensions over generations. To do this, diversification and risk management play a critical role towards enhancing our returns over time. Our prudent use of leverage enables us to support our companies through market highs and lows and everything in between, while consistently paying teachers’ pensions for decades. And our active management approach enables us to leverage our research, partnerships, operational experience and local presence to help grow our companies. 

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Growing our investments sustainably over time

Our ESG commitment includes looking for businesses we can grow to have a more positive impact on society. We believe in sharing knowledge and expertise by working with our partners to solve problems and build better, more sustainable businesses that deliver positive returns over the long term.

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Thinking long-term means investing for the future

We created Teachers’ Venture Growth (TVG), our unique division that focuses on cutting-edge technology companies led by mission-driven entrepreneurs. Since launching two years ago, TVG has partnered with innovators across the world who are improving access to education, sustainable food options, microfinancing and more. Together, we’re helping them build a better future for people and the planet.

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