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Vayda: Investing in the future of sustainable farming

The investment: In 2020, through our technology incubator Koru, we launched Vayda, a regenerative farming company.

With a nod to the past and a view to the future, we are nurturing more sustainable ways of farming.

Alongside some of our longstanding operating partners in the agriculture sector and our technology incubator, Koru, we launched Vayda, a new venture that draws on our collective farming, investment and start-up expertise.

Vayda uses leading technology – such as sensors, imagery analytics, variable irrigation, precision application and data analytics – to enable “regenerative farming”. Regenerative farming is a set of principles that increase soil health and allow more diverse and resilient ecosystems to flourish. Land farmed using regenerative practices can remove significant amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

Vayda’s combination of cutting-edge technology with traditional farming practices can create a future that significantly improves agricultural operations, environmental outcomes and the quality of food produced.

“Being at the forefront of agriculture means we often find ourselves making decisions in a place where there is no rule book. In these situations, it is very helpful to have a thought partner that can balance experience and audacity. Ontario Teachers’ has been a fundamental ally as Vayda takes on the challenge of promoting positive change in one of the world’s most consolidated sectors.”

Marcelo Marzola, CEO