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Launch of our Annual Responsible Investing and Climate Change Report

As a purpose-driven organization, we are focused on ensuring our investments make a positive mark on the world. Responsible investing is embedded in everything we do. In 2020 alone, our Responsible Investing team assessed more than 70 potential and realized transactions valued at more than C$25 billion.

Today we are pleased to publish our Responsible Investing and Climate Change Report (PDF) that details our efforts and impact. This report consolidates previously separate reports about our responsible investing and climate change actions.

Turning the spotlight on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) opportunities and risks, we share some of the ways we are working to have a positive impact. These include:

  • Setting interim targets as part of our net-zero objective to meaningfully reduce our portfolio’s carbon emissions intensity for years to come
  • Decreasing our portfolio carbon footprint intensity in 2020
  • Details on how we will significantly increase our green investments from more than $30 billion
  • Actively engaging with over 100 companies on ESG topics and voting against 220 directors of boards with less than 30% gender diversity

The actions we are taking today position us to continue delivering retirement security for our members while shaping a better future for all. We look forward to sharing more on our journey toward a more sustainable and equitable future.