About Ontario Teachers'

Ontario Teachers' is Canada's largest single-profession pension plan with $221.2 billion in net assets. We pay pensions and invest plan assets on behalf of 331,000 working and retired teachers. Since our establishment as an independent organization in 1990, we have built an international reputation for innovation and leadership in investment management and member services.

We employ roughly 1,200 employees at our head office in Toronto, Canada and investment offices in London, Singapore and Hong Kong. Roughly 1,500 people work at our real estate subsidiary Cadillac Fairview.

Our Story

Our employees pioneered many of the investment practices and service standards that are now common in the pension world. From the use of derivatives to interactive pension statements, we're proud of our accomplishments and many firsts. Find out why we have an international reputation for strong investment performance and outstanding member services.

Our Investments

Our investment program has one goal: to earn the best possible returns, at an appropriate level of risk, to pay pensions to our members. Learn more about our investment strategy or the advantages of choosing Ontario Teachers' as an investment partner.

Our Product

We administer a defined benefit pension plan. It pays lifetime pensions to eligible members and their survivors. In addition to retirement pensions, Ontario Teachers' provides benefits if members die, become disabled or permanently leave teaching before retirement.

Learn more about plan features in our Members section.

Our Members

We're proud to directly serve:

  • 183,000 elementary and secondary school teachers
  • 148,000 pensioners
  • 65,000 inactive members (former teachers who kept their pensions with us)

To get the information we need to pay benefits, we rely on approximately 170 school boards, private schools and other organizations that employ our members throughout Ontario.



Fast Facts

$221.2 billion
Net assets at December 31, 2020

Annualized net rate of return since 1990 at December 31, 2020

Annualized net rate of return above benchmark since 1990

Quality Service Index member rating

$6.7 billion
Annual pension payroll


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