Our commitment to Inclusion & Diversity

At Ontario Teachers’, we’re striving to create a workplace that reflects and celebrates the diversity of our members, employees and the communities where we work and invest. Equally important is creating an inclusive environment where our people feel respected, accepted and empowered to be themselves – and one that draws ideas from our diverse personal and professional experiences.

Our cross-functional Inclusion & Diversity Leadership Council is leading a multiyear strategy to:

  • Embed an inclusive lens in our talent and culture practices and processes
  • Engage employees in recognizing and understanding their role to play in contributing to a culture of inclusion
  • Enhance learning opportunities on ways to mitigate unconscious bias in investment and talent decisions and demonstrate inclusive behaviours
  • Expand and enhance industry partnerships to increase our talent pools and partner with us to drive a diverse and inclusive workplace
  • Collaborate with pension industry peers through partnerships like the Investor Leadership Network (ILN) to accelerate internal progress and drive collective sustainable and responsible change
  • Launch and maintain employee resource group (ERG) momentum as a means of connecting people with shared interests and different backgrounds and experiences for the purposes of engagement, development and community outreach

“Diversity helps us be more innovative, more flexible and ultimately more sustainable by bringing a broader range of perspectives to the table. Inclusion is about engaging great people and maximizing their potential.

– Ziad Hindo, Chief Investment Officer and Chair of the Inclusion & Diversity Leadership Council


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