Evolving your service in the digital realm

October 25, 2013

Whether it's emailing you an article from Pension News Online that we think is relevant to your personal situation, or engaging in a dialogue on one of our social media channels, you now have more flexibility than ever in how you choose to receive news about your pension.


Our Pension News Online and promotional emails are getting a new look, but the improvements move beyond aesthetics.

Then: You received text-only messages, with no images. To read a story, you likely had to cut and paste a link to the story into your browser.

Now: You will be able to click straight through to content, directly from the email. The emails will also be mobile friendly, so you can keep up with plan news on-the-go. You'll have a much more visually appealing experience, with the addition of colours and images. You can opt to receive news about the plan electronically by logging into iAccess Web, and updating your preferences under "My Profile."

Fast fact: More than 170,000 of our members opt to receive updates and plan news through email.

Social media

This summer, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of www.facebook.com/myOTPP. Pop quizzes, You Asked Us... videos and links to relevant articles from trusted sources are just a few of the features you'll find on the page. Dialogue between active and retired members continues, with topics ranging from buybacks, funding and retirement planning.

Then: Up until the summer of 2012, Teachers' didn't have a social media presence. We were the first public sector pension plan in Canada to launch a Facebook page for its members.

Now: We've expanded our social media presence to include Twitter (@OTPPinfo) and a YouTube channel (OTPPinfo) to give you more options in how you keep up-to-date with plan news. Our YouTube channel has playlists dedicated to answering your FAQs and videos that lay out need-to-know information.

Fast fact: Our Facebook community has grown to about 3,000 members, more than half of whom are between the ages of 25 and 54.

Pension News Online

There's no need to log in to read content on Pension News Online. The site launched in 2012, and is updated weekly with new and original content.

Then: Prior to launch of Pension News Online, you could only download PDFs of our newsletters.

Now: While you can still find electronic issues of the newsletters, you'll also find breaking plan news, interactive features and articles, exclusive to Pension News Online. We've added an RSS feed to your iAccess Web homepage and tagged stories by topic and life stage, so you can see the articles that matter to you, as they're posted.

Fast Fact: In 2012, Pension News Online, garnered more than 90,000 hits. So far, in 2013, the page has had more than 87,000 visits.