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How to Apply

You can apply to transfer your pension any time before you retire, provided you have contributed to your new plan for at least 20 days after your resignation date from your former employer. A transfer typically takes eight to 12 months to complete, depending on the complexity of the transfer and how quickly your new plan receives information from you and Ontario Teachers'.

Step 1 – Request a quote

Complete two copies of the form Interprovincial Transfer Application, Appendix A (page 3). Send one copy to your new pension plan and one to Ontario Teachers', along with a photocopy of your birth certificate, Canadian passport or Ontario driver's licence as proof of age.

Step 2 – Pension plan provides estimate

If you're eligible to transfer credit, your new pension plan will provide a Transfer Estimate and Acceptance, Appendix B.

Step 3 – Decide whether to transfer

To proceed with the transfer, return a signed copy of Appendix B to both plans within 60 days.