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SGN engineers working to replace iron gas mains

SGN: Improving worker health and safety in the field

SGN, a U.K. gas utility in our infrastructure and natural resources portfolio, is applying new technology to improve worker health and safety and efficiency in the field. The utility collaborated with Koru to develop a digital app called FYLD. The app is transforming the productivity and safety of utility field workers across the U.K. by enabling real-time, data-driven decision making. It allows workers to capture and share photos, video and audio recordings, which in turn makes jobsite collaboration, progress tracking and reporting a streamlined and paperless process.

In the area of safety, FYLD automatically assesses jobsites for hazards, recommends solutions, sends alerts to proactively solve issues, and uses video recordings to create digital worksite dashboards and detailed risk assessments. During the pandemic, FYLD has been key to remote job-management, allowing team leaders to understand and manage the progress of a job from their homes.