We Invest to Help Pay the Cost of Pension Benefits Today and Tomorrow

We are global investors with expertise in all corners of the investment universe. But no matter where we invest, one goal is paramount: increase the value of the plan's assets to help Ontario Teachers' meet its long-term funding needs.  To achieve our objective, we employ investment strategies that are honed by years of practical experience as responsible investors.

We report investment progress publicly on an annual basis following the end of each calendar year. Our most recent annual report  was for the year ended December 31, 2014.

Steady Net Asset Growth Since Inception


Active Management Adds  to the Plan's Assets 


  2014 2013 4-year 10-year Since Inception
Total Return (%) 11.8 10.9 11.7 8.6 10.2
Benchmark (%) 10.1 9.3 10.0 7.2 8.0

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Net Investments by Asset Class Reflect Our Asset Mix Strategy


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