Your re-employment FAQs

September 05, 2017

Thinking of heading back into the classroom? Take this pop quiz to test how well you know the re-employment rules.

True or false: There’s no limit to the number of days you can work and still collect your pension.

Answer: False. You can work up to 50 days in a school year without affecting your pension. If you reach the 50-day limit, you can work until the end of the month in which you exceed the limit. If you continue to work after the month in which you exceed the limit, your pension will be suspended. 

True or false: You’re responsible for tracking the number of days you work.

Answer: True. Your employer will report your service to us, but it’s ultimately up to you to keep track of the days you work. And don’t forget to let us know if you plan to keep working beyond the month in which you hit your 50-day limit. Download Worklog, our app to help you track your re-employment.

True or false: Only paid work counts as re-employment.

Answer: False. Re-employment rules may apply even if you don’t get paid for your work. If you’re unsure if the work you’re doing counts towards your re-employment limit, even volunteer work, then call us (1-800-668-0105).

True or false: Helping to set up a classroom in August is automatically counted toward the limit for the upcoming school year.

Answer: False. If you’re asked to work in August, make sure to ask your employer which school year your work days fall under (calendars vary). If you’ve already exceeded your limit for the most recent school year, and you’ve been asked to set up a classroom in August, that day could count towards the most recent school year and your pension would be suspended in August. Once the new school year begins, your pension will resume.