More than a pension calculator

August 03, 2017

While smart boards and tablets are now common place in the classroom, we know the adoption of technology doesn’t just stop at school.

Of our active members, about two-thirds of you receive news about your pension plan through email.

Many of you use our online pension calculator to decide when to retire. But did you know we have more to offer?

Here are four more reasons to sign in to your online Ontario Teachers’ account:

1) The doc uploader tool lets you snap a photo of important documents with your phone or tablet and upload directly to your online account. 

2) You’ll have easy, instant access to documents like your Statement of Pension Benefits in your Document Centre.

3) You can update your communication preferences so you’ll never miss out on promotions or opportunities to help shape your experience with us. From time to time, we invite a select group of members to preview and tell us what they think about a new service we’re in the process of developing. More than 2,500 of you helped shape the overhaul of your online experience we launched last year. Make sure you have your voice heard too! Visit your communications preferences and select “yes” to receiving promotional emails.

4) Keep your personal information up-to-date and complete. Providing us with a correct email address keeps you up to date with plan news, and helps the environment by reducing paper. And a complete profile will ensure your loved ones have one less thing to worry about should anything happen to you. 

Rest assured all of the information in your online account is secure. Here’s how you can make signing in to your account a bit easier.

If you’re using a trusted device, don’t sign out when you’re finished your session. The next time you visit, we’ll remember you and you’ll just have to enter your password. 

Sign in to your online account using your account number in the upper right hand corner of the emails we send.