Then and Now: Your secure service

November 25, 2013

In October the number of members registered for iAccess Web, our secure member website, surpassed 200,000. Since launching the site we've continued to expand and improve the service offered through it.

Here are a few examples of the enhancements you can expect to see in 2014 when you log in to iAccess Web.

Updating your banking information

Then: If you had to update your banking information, you had to notify us in writing, either by fax or mail.

Now: You'll be able to log in to iAccess Web, visit your Pension Payments page or your Profile page, and update your Canadian banking information online.

Once you update your information, we'll send you an email confirmation. This email serves two purposes: to reassure you that the change you've requested has been made, and to add an additional layer of security by confirming that it was in fact you that requested the change.

Tip: You can only update or change information related to a Canadian bank account. Have a cheque handy when you log in so that you'll have all of the necessary information, including account, institution and transit numbers.

Pension payments section redesign

Then: The Pension Payments section of iAccess Web was one page, loaded with information.

Now: We're making the Pension Payments tab easier to navigate, the information simpler to digest, and in cases of members receiving a survivor pension, we've added more detail.

We've broken it up into three separate sections, so you don't have to scroll and dig for the information you're looking for.

The first section, "Pension Statement," will contain your payment schedule, a breakdown of your most recent deposit, and your banking information.

Clicking the Pension Calculations link on the right will take you to the second section. Here you'll find the calculation for your base pension, as well as any survivor pensions you're receiving.

The third section, Payment History offers a bar graph representation of your pension, on a month-by-month basis, as well as any survivor pensions. This visual representation allows you to see how your pension has been affected by inflation and CPP adjustments over the course of your retirement. Click the blue plus sign next to the date to see details on any adjustments made during that particular month.

Adjusting the amount of tax taken at source

Then: If you have other sources of retirement income, you may want to increase the amount of tax taken from your pension at source over and above the base amount. You can increase the amount of tax taken at source by logging in to iAccess Web and making the adjustment.

Now: We're simplifying the language around this iAccess Web feature, making it easier for you to understand. You'll also see a confirmation message with the date on which the change will come into effect. Depending on when in the pension payment cycle you request the change, it may take effect in the following month.