One on one with Jim Leech

April 13, 2013

Teachers' is on solid footing, but must evolve to meet future pension demands and economic challenges, Jim Leech, Teachers' President and CEO, told attendees of the plan's 2013 annual meeting.

Nearly 600 plan members attended the AGM, held in downtown Toronto on April 11.

Plan leaders shared highlights from the plan's 2012 performance, discussed the demographic and economic headwinds facing Teachers' and answered questions during a Q&A session.

Pension News Online caught up with Jim afterwards, and asked him some of your top questions, including:

  • How does the pension plan rationalize a projected $5 billion shortfall amidst such strong investment returns?
  • How are we going to ensure fairness between newer and older plan members?
  • And why can't members make additional personal contributions to the plan?

Watch the interview to hear Jim's answers.