Study finds we're increasingly living beyond age 75

June 01, 2012

Ontario teachers aren't the only ones living longer. A recent report found medical advances and injury reductions are increasing the lives of Canadians.

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Looking at a snapshot of Teachers' members, roughly 40% of our pensioners were 70-years old or older in 2011. A plan member that retires at age 59 typically lives well into their 80s, and some beyond. This increased life expectancy contributes to the plan's maturity.

In 'Health Indicators 2012,' the Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI) examined the "premature" death rates of Canadians. A premature death refers to the passing away of anyone under the age of 75.

It found premature deaths from disease or injury dropped by 47% between 1979 and 2008. Deaths that could have been avoided by "timely and effective" health care intervention were reduced by 56% during this time frame.

"The drop in avoidable deaths in the timeframe was mainly due to reductions in deaths related to circulatory diseases such as heart disease, which decreased by 72%," the CIHI said.