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Life & Career Events

If you face a shortened life expectancy, you may be able to receive a lump-sum benefit in lieu of further pension payments. The benefit is the present value of four months' pension, plus the value of any death benefit that may be payable.

To qualify for a shortened life expectancy benefit, you need to verify a life expectancy of less than two years. If you have an eligible spouse, he or she must consent to the withdrawal because a spouse forfeits the right to survivor benefits if you take a shortened life expectancy benefit. The value of the survivor pension is included in the benefit you receive.

Once you receive the benefit, no further entitlements are provided under the plan, even if you live longer than expected. If you die before you receive a shortened life benefit, the plan's usual post-retirement death benefits will be paid instead.

Is someone applying or requesting personal information on your behalf?

If someone is contacting us on your behalf, you'll need to provide one of these two documents:

  • Power of Attorney for Property (if you cannot personally sign the application)
  • Written authorization (to release your personal information to a third party assisting with the application process)