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Monthly Pension Statement

Why do medical deductions show up on my pension statement?

If you subscribe to a health insurance plan through the RTO (Johnson's) or Ontario Teachers' Insurance Plan (OTIP), premiums are often adjusted in December or January for these plans (premiums are deducted each month). If you have any questions about your insurance premiums, please contact the respective organization directly:

Why doesn't my pension statement reflect the annual inflation increase?

The statement, which you received in January, does reflect the inflation increase for 2020 (or the prorated amount if you retired in 2019). However, your after-tax pension may have decreased as a result of the deduction of annual RTO/ERO membership dues, higher taxes or other deductions.

Why is my monthly pension statement lower in January?

If you're a member of the RTO, your fees are deducted once a year from your pension, in January.