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Interprovincial Transfers

You may be able to transfer your Ontario Teachers' pension to your new teachers' pension plan under the Interprovincial Transfer Agreement. Consolidating your pension assets may allow you to retire earlier and/or with a larger pension.

The following plans participate in the Interprovincial Transfer Agreement:

  • Alberta Teachers' Retirement Fund Board (ATRF)
  • British Columbia Teachers' Pension Plan
  • Canadian Teachers' Federation Employee's Pension Plan
  • Manitoba Teachers' Retirement Allowances Fund (TRAF)
  • New Brunswick Teachers' Pension Plan
  • Nova Scotia Teachers' Pension Plan
  • Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan
  • P.E.I. Teachers' Superannuation Fund
  • Retraite Québec
  • Saskatchewan Teachers' Retirement Plan (STRP)
  • Saskatchewan Teachers' Superannuation Commission
  • Teachers' Pension Plan Corporation Newfoundland & Labrador