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2016 Responsible Investing Report

Read our inaugural report.

Responsible Investing is Central to Making Sound Decisions

At Ontario Teachers' we assess  risks and opportunities, so that we can make well-considered buying decisions and remain effective stewards of our investments for as long as we own them.

Our five responsible investing principles shape our approach and guide our professionals as they evaluate risks and opportunities.

We consider a broad range of factors when we invest, such as the risks associated with environmental, social and governance issues. Ultimately, our approach focuses on the long-term sustainability of the pension plan so that we can deliver retirement security to our members.

Good Governance is Good Business

Climate Change 

Engagement with companies and policy makers is one way we manage climate change risks and influence positive change.


Climate Change

Good Governance 

As engaged shareholders, we take a principled yet pragmatic approach to voting our shares.

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Responsible Investing Principles in Practice


Cybersecurity concerns are gaining prominence because data protection and customer privacy issues have impact the reputation and performance of our portfolio companies.

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Responsible Investing Principles in Practice

Is The Extraordinary Becoming Ordinary?

Extraordinary compensation awards are big, and getting bigger in North America.

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