Leveraging Relationships and Asset-Class Expertise to Drive Growth

Capital Markets provides Ontario Teachers' with execution capabilities, available to all asset groups and regions, with a focus on minimizing costs while continually improving the execution process. Capital Markets also provides centralized Treasury capabilities that ensure flexibility in funding in the currency of choice keeping in consideration the liquidity and leverage constraints.

Additionally, Capital Markets manages fixed income for Ontario Teachers', including the Liability Driven Investing (LDI) portfolio. Fixed income investments include government and corporate bonds that provide investment security and reliable income, while also helping to moderate the impact of interest rate changes on the cost of future member benefits.

At the same time, Capital Markets generates enhanced investment performance through liquid strategies across capital markets by drawing on its cross asset-class expertise and extensive relationships. It also manages Alternative Investments, which allow Ontario Teachers' to capitalize on market inefficiencies and deliver returns that are uncorrelated to other asset classes, adding real diversification to our larger investment portfolio.

Gillian Brown
Gillian Brown
  • Senior Managing Director, Capital Markets