In 2015, OTFT began issuing commercial paper in U.S. and Canadian dollars.

In September 2017, OTFT issued US$1.75 billion in five-year notes. The notes carry a semi-annual coupon of 2.125% and mature in September 2022. The second installment, which occurred in April 2018, was a US$2.0 billion three-year offering of 2.75%, senior unsecured notes.

The coupon and principal paid to investors are senior to pension liabilities.

Issuance Currency Size Maturity Date Coupon
September 2017 USD $1.75 billion September 19, 2022 2.125%
April 2018 USD $2.00 billion April 17, 2021 2.75%


Additional information on the debt issuances can be found on the Euronext Dublin website.