Actively Creating Value for The Plan

Combining active management, selective partnerships and a global strategy, Ontario Teachers' delivers growth through investing in equities – the common and preferred shares of both privately and publicly traded companies.

Ontario Teachers' in-house investment professionals actively manage most of our public equities – a portfolio that is diversified by investment type and geography. Across Ontario Teachers', our teams in Toronto, London and Hong Kong collaborate in order to support our Relationship Investment strategy and to ensure organization-wide awareness of both challenges and opportunities.

We group our public equities investing activities into the following categories: 

  • Relationship Investing undertaken cooperatively across our global network, makes large, strategic investments in companies around the world and then works closely with those companies to build shareholder value;
  • Actively managed portfolios that include shares of companies identified by using "bottom up" analysis;
  • External Manager Program partnerships with carefully chosen global and regional managers: high performers who deliver value-added returns and provide local expertise in key global markets;
  • Stock market indexes track major stock indices in Canada, the U.S. and abroad.

Responsible Investing

Ontario Teachers' commitment to Responsible Investing means our public equities group actively engages in promoting good corporate governance. This includes voting our shares, continually monitoring corporate financial and non-financial performance and making our views known to regulators. This approach has helped us to create value for the plan over the long run.