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Paving the way for a new technological society

We’re joining Alphabet Inc. (Google’s parent company) and Sidewalk Labs to launch Sidewalk Infrastructure Partners (SIP), a new company focused on delivering next-generation infrastructure in North America.

What’s the deal with next-generation infrastructure?

SIP’s a new company that’ll focus on innovative, next-generation infrastructure projects and the technologies that enable them. We’ll bring our infrastructure and investment expertise to the table, while leveraging our partners’ world-leading capabilities in technology to enable sustainable, intelligent and efficient physical infrastructure.

How will innovative technology pay your pension?

While unprecedented technological change has been driving disruption in many sectors, the infrastructure sector has been a tough nut to crack. SIP is a great example of a strategic partnership that will help to drive more innovation in infrastructure, and uncover new opportunities in the process.

SIP also aligns nicely with our new department, Teachers' Innovation Platform (TIP), which focuses on investing in late stage venture capital and growth equity of businesses that are emerging as a result of unprecedented disruption and technological change across the economy.

SIP at a glance:

  • SIP is a new spin-out company of Sidewalk Labs, the urban innovation business of Alphabet (Google’s parent company)
  • The new company will focus on five verticals including advanced mobility, energy, water and waste, digital infrastructure and social infrastructure
  • SIP will facilitate the application of technology to enable sustainable, distributed and intelligent urban infrastructure, creating jobs, improving mobility, and providing more environmentally friendly infrastructure solutions

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