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Putting the environment on the balance sheet with GreenCollar

Environmental offset markets have traditionally been centered on carbon credits. While this is one way to help combat climate change, environmental markets are expanding beyond carbon. GreenCollar is Australia’s largest and most diversified environmental markets platform. It is the leading generator of carbon credits in the local market and has developed projects that improve water quality, preserve biodiversity, and reduce single-use plastics. We invested in GreenCollar because we recognized the positive impact of its scalable and innovative environmental projects that align with our long-term return objectives.

GreenCollar pioneered the development of a Reef Credits Scheme, a first-of-its-kind initiative that seeks to improve water quality at the Great Barrier Reef. Reef Credits aim to improve the water quality of the catchment area which flows into the Great Barrier Reef, an ecosystem that is currently under pressure in part due to nitrogen runoff from nearby farms. Nitrogen is used in fertilizers to promote crop growth, so when that nitrogen enters waterways, it can cause rapid algae growth. These algae blooms trigger outbreaks of other invasive species which end up eating coral faster than it can grow. Farmers can generate Reef Credits by reducing the nitrogen runoff into the ocean and selling the credits to invest in more efficient and sustainable land practices.

Each year, more than 500 tonnes of single use plastic bag waste is generated from Australia’s banana production industry. GreenCollar is currently working with banana farmers to deliver a world-first plastics offset solution by collecting and recycling waste plastic from banana farms and rewarding farmers for adopting new waste management practices. The reduction in plastic waste is measured, reported and third-party verified to create plastic credits under the Verra Plastic Standard which can then be sold on a new voluntary market to investors wishing to address their own plastic footprint. GreenCollar is proud to be one of the first project developers globally to offer credits under Verra’s Plastic Standard.

“We are putting the environment on the balance sheet. The work we are doing is setting the global standard for high-quality, high-integrity credits to drive positive environmental outcomes at scale.”

James Schultz, CEO

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