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GAZPROM OAO - Jun 29, 2012
Approve, in accordance with Chapter XI of the Federal Law On Joint Stock Companies and Chapter IX of the Charter of OAO Gazprom, the following interested-party transaction that may be entered into by OAO Gazprom in the future in the ordinary course of business: An agreement between OAO Gazprom and Societe General, whereby OAO Gazprom assumes an obligation to Societe Generale to secure the performance by OOO Gazprom export of its obligations under a direct contract in connection with the agreement for transportation of gas between Nord Stream AG and OOO Gazprom export, entered into between OOO Gazprom export, Nord Stream AG and Societe Generale (hereinafter, Transportation Direct Contract) including obligations to pay a termination fee in accordance with the terms of the Transportation Direct Contract, for a total amount of up to 12.094 billion Euros

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