We own a globally diversified portfolio of carefully chosen infrastructure assets, acquired over the past decade.




We began investing in airports in 2002. We own, with a partner, a 48% stake in Birmingham International Airport, the third-largest airport in the U.K. outside of London, serving more than 8 million passengers annually. Our direct stake in Bristol International Airport, a top regional U.K. airport, is approximately 49%. In 2011, we added a 30% interest in Copenhagen Airport and a 39% interest in Brussels Airport to our portfolio.



Container Terminal Facilities

In 2007, we acquired four North American marine container terminals: Vanterm and Deltaport in the Vancouver, British Columbia, area; New York Container Terminal on Staten Island, New York and Global Terminal in New Jersey. Now operating as GCT Global Container Terminals, the company handles more than 2 million containers annually.

Gas Distribution

We were part of a consortium that purchased Scotia Gas Networks in 2005 and hold a 25% stake in the enterprise. It operates regional gas distribution networks in Scotland and southern England that deliver gas to 5.8 million customers.

Power Generation and Distribution

We jointly acquired Chilean electricity transmission and distribution company SAESA Group in 2008 and own 50% of the company. SAESA is the main provider of electricity in the rapidly growing southern regions of the country. We also own 50% of InterGen N.V., a global power generation company, and 50% of Northern Star Generation, which owns power plants in the United States.


In 2010, we acquired High Speed 1 (HS1), a 109-km high-speed rail line linking London with the Channel Tunnel, with our 50% partner Borealis Infrastructure Management. HS1 runs domestic commuter services and international services connecting London and continental Europe.

Water and Wastewater Utilities

In 2007, we acquired significant or controlling interests in three water utilities in Chile representing approximately one-third of Chile's regulated water and wastewater market: Empresa de Servicios Sanitarios del Bio-Bio S.A. (Essbio), Nuevosur S.A. (formerly Aguas Nuevo Sur Maule, S.A.), and Esval S.A. In 2011, we expanded our ownership stakes in Essbio and Esval and now own 90% and 94% of these companies respectively.

In June 2012, along with our partners, Hastings Funds Management, we acquired the lease to the Sydney Desalination Plant (SDP)  in Australia. The 50-year lease, granted by the government of New South Wales, provides the partners with access to a high-quality infrastructure asset that provides stable, inflation-protected returns. SDP is one of the largest operating desalination plants in the world. Located on the coast of Kurnell, it sources its water from the Tasman Sea and is capable of servicing up to 1.5 million people, providing up to 15% of Sydney's potable water needs.