Growth Through Private Equity Investing

In 1991, we set out to develop a world-class private equity portfolio that would invest in companies around the world seeking to grow and add value over the long term. Today, Teachers' Private Capital is a member of the Dow Jones Private Equity Hall of Fame and stands as one of the largest and most sophisticated pools of capital in the world.

Teachers' Private Capital is a well-established team of more than 60 investment professionals, with the experience and significant international presence to source and execute large transactions and manage sizeable investments.

Since inception, we have invested in more than 300 companies and funds, deployed more than $30 billion in capital and developed expertise in specific industry sectors including:

  • Industrials & Energy — seeks industrial companies with strong end-market fundamentals, with particular focus on packaging, specialty chemicals, capital goods and building products; energy investments in growth and buyout opportunities across the energy industry with focus on exploration & production, midstream, service & equipment and power & renewables.
  • Financial Services — often works with value-added partners in segments such as property and casualty insurance, specialty finance and services businesses; supports the Investment Division's global expansion project and other strategic initiatives
  • Healthcare & Consumer Retail — healthcare often works with value-added partners to participate in specialty diagnostics, clinics and pharmaceuticals, as well as outsourced pharmaceutical services; consumer retail looks to complement existing portfolio and other subsectors including infant care, specialty foods, recreational and personal care products, restaurants and pet care
  • Technology, Media,  & Telecommunications — focuses on sub sectors such as enterprise software solutions, metro fibre, datacentres and broadcast communications and generally seek out opportunities created by new enabling technologies, additional bandwidth and connectivity and security needs
  • Long-Term Equities — makes direct equity investments in public and private companies that can deliver a stream of income and growth relative to inflation, with a hold period of at least ten years

Reflecting our global reach, we have a dedicated team in Toronto, while our team in London focuses on Europe, the Middle East and Africa, with particular interest in the U.K., Benelux and Nordic Europe. In Hong Kong, the TPC team is focused on opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region, including developing stronger ties to local private capital and public equity markets.

How We Invest


We invest in private equity primarily in two ways:

Direct and co-investor: As a direct equity investor in public and private companies, we seek out opportunities to partner with management teams to drive value during our investment period. We provide financial support, advice and guidance to grow the businesses we invest in over the long term. We look for industry-leading, well-managed companies with strong brands and growth prospects. We can act as a lead equity investor or a co-investor with like-minded partners and can even provide financing for the entire capital structure. We take a disciplined approach to value creation and help good companies become great. 

Funds: We have established more than 20 core strategic relationships with some of the world's leading private equity funds and venture capital firms, enabling us to leverage resources in markets we could not easily access directly. As members of the Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA), we endorse the ILPA Private Equity Principles which we believe form the basis of an effective private equity partnership: Alignment of Interest, Governance and Transparency.

Jane Rowe
Jane Rowe
  • Senior Vice-President, Teachers' Private Capital

Key Facts

$21.0 billion of invested capital at December 31, 2014

22.0% return in 2014, 19.7% since inception

Long-term investor with no fixed timetable for exits

Value creation focus

Global outlook